Rendre la recherche, les bonnes pratiques, les activités d'apprentissage et les évènements sur le dialogue interculturel dans la région euro-méditerranéenne accessibles à tous.


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Dans cette section, vous trouverez des publications, des évènements, des bonnes pratiques, des activités d'apprentissage et des personnes-ressources en matière d'apprentissage interculturel dans la région EuroMed.

Bonne pratique
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NACMM - The North Africa Cultural Mobility Map Online platform

Interviews with artists, curators and cultural managers in North Africa revealed a need for a platform that would foster collaboration between artistic practices and civil society organisations. In response to this need, the CeRCCa - Centre de Recerca I Creacio...

Activité d'apprentissage
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A Mosque in Sleepyville

Through a role simulation referring to a contemporary situation in a western European city (can be adapted for other areas) we create an experience to reflect about the complexity and the interconnection of intercultural dialogue, conflicting human rights, participation and...


Ahmad Aminian

Islamologist, religious historian and philosopher. Aminian is school mediator at the City of Brussels and researcher at the Interdisciplinary Center for Studies of religions and secularism at Free University of Brussels (FUB). Aminian is also co-founder and President of Omar...